Кoмик Роуэн Аткинсон может исполнить нетипичную роль в сериале "Острые Козырьки"

«Oстрыe кoзырьки» - этo бритaнский сeриaл, кoтoрый рaсскaзывaeт зритeлям o криминaльнoм мирe гoрoдa Бирмингeм и o клaнe Шeлби,... ( подробнее )

Стaтуя Гера Поттера установлена в центре Лондона в рамках интересной выставки

Фигурa oтлитa изо брoнзы, и изoбрaжaeт Гaрри вo врeмя eгo пeрвoгo мaтчa пo квиддичу. Слепок взято с первого фильма франшизы - «Гарик... ( подробнее )

Black Widow, other Marvel and Disney movies delayed again

Black Widow is among half a dozen titles Disney has rescheduled today in the US. Australian release dates have yet to be confirmed but it’s expected it will follow suit.

The Scarlett Johansson superhero action thriller was to be released on October 29 in Australia (November 6 in the US) but has now been delayed until May 2021.

While... ( подробнее )

Sorry cat lovers, Max Greenfield is a dog person

Like many actors with small children – daughter Lilly and son Ozzie – Greenfield wanted to be involved because he wanted to work on a film he could share with his family.

“There are so few projects I’ve been a part of that my kids can actually watch,” he told news.com.au. “The idea that I can be... ( подробнее )

Dune moves release date in Australia

But, it’s good news! Dune has been moved up a week and some change, from its original Australian release date of December 26 to December 17.

The sci-fi epic, adapted by director Denis Villeneuve from Frank Herbert’s seminal novel, released its first trailer last week to wild excitement.

But when there was no release... ( подробнее )

Dune 2020 trailer: Denis Villeneuve, Timothee Chalamet and cast tease epic adaptation

We’re not being hyperbolic, that’s how big a project the upcoming cinematic adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune is, an iconic sci-fi tome which has not always had an easy time of it when it comes to transitioning to screen.

There have been two previous screen versions – David Lynch’s controversial 1986... ( подробнее )

Mulan 2020 movie review: Dazzling visuals pop on the small screen

And it would have looked spectacular because the scale of this movie can’t be overstated.

Full of sweeping wide shots of beautiful, snow-capped landscapes, the architecturally designed imperial city or military battalions decked out in scarlet red uniforms, Mulan is visually very impressive.

It never lets you forget that... ( подробнее )

Tenet scores at box office despite pandemic

Australian box office totals were not yet available at the time of publication.

Australians were among the first audiences to see director Christopher Nolan’s anticipated blockbuster.

With the exception of Victoria, cinemas were open and operating across the country, anxious executives looking to Tenet as the spark for... ( подробнее )

Where it all fell apart for Universal Pictures’ Cats

Behold, this graph:

pic.twitter.com/9RY1rQcfkT— Jonathan Champ (@meaningbusiness) July 12, 2020

Compelling theory.

When the Cats trailer was released in July last year the Twitter universe went bonkers.

The feedback at the time was that people were confused, intrigued, but mostly downright terrified.

Director... ( подробнее )

Even the stars of Tenet struggled to comprehend Christopher Nolan’s movie

Tenet lead John David Washington confessed to news.com.au that it took him a while to get there – if he’s even there yet.

“Like all Christopher Nolan movies, after the fourth or fifth viewing, with great depth, it starts to fall into place for me,” he said. “On a certain level, I understood it, especially... ( подробнее )